Meet the maker: Kerrie Mould

Brought up by actively anti-waste parents in Christchurch, New Zealand, as a youngster I was always finding new uses for things, from altering op shop
clothing to repurposing objects. And, after a small indulgent blip in my 20s, inevitably I carried this mentality into my adult life.

I established ode to elma after relocating to Melbourne in 2015, with the aim of challenging preconceptions about repurposing and using recycled materials by showing that you can indeed turn ordinary, everyday materials into beautiful, functional, quality design.

In memory of my Nana ‘Elma’, ode to elma is a nod to a time where people mended, recycled and reused everything - out of necessity and hardship. Ironically, what was once seen as frugality or thriftiness is now ‘hashtagged’ sustainability, and we have now come full circle to rethinking the way we live and what we consume - as a necessity, due to the growing climate crisis.

Always hungry to learn more and move further on my sustainability journey, I recently completed a Diploma in Sustainable Living through the University of Tasmania. The process of imagining and creating pieces that are truly sustainable brings me joy and I am genuinely grateful that I get to do what I
am passionate about.

Initially starting with a selection of pendant lightshades constructed from 100% recycled paper pulp - and inspired by the texture, colour and form of the natural world around us – the ode to elma range has more recently expanded to include fruit platters and trinket bowls. The material creates a truly unique look and organic feel, resulting in designs that are not only mindful of the environment but also beautiful and functional. 

Each piece is individually handcrafted in my Melbourne studio.


Sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy and process. 

Through repurposing and using recycled materials we aim to challenge preconceptions, turning ordinary, everyday materials into beautiful, functional, quality design.

It is important that as a business we do everything we can to minimise our environmental impact. Our current range of products are made from 100% recycled paper pulp. Water used in the pulp making process is harvested rainwater.

The only bonding agent used in non-toxic PVA glue. Pieces are then hand painted with low VOC water based paint and some items are finished with a protective coating of highly durable water based non toxic natural varnish.

The fittings and fixtures are sourced as locally as possible. Waste is kept to a minimum with everything being repurposed or recycled.

All packaging is recyclable (cardboard box, kraft packing tape and paper packaging) or biodegradable / compostable (natural plant-based starch packing peanuts).

Sustainability needs to be at the forefront in every aspect of our lives.