It's at the heart of what we do

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and it is central to our design philosophy. Our mission is to minimise our environmental impact by treading as lightly as possible on this earth; and we strive to do this not only in our business and how we approach the design process but in all aspects of our lives.

Through repurposing and using recycled materials we aim to challenge preconceptions, showing that you can turn ordinary, everyday materials into beautiful, functional, quality design.

Our Founder has completed a Diploma in Sustainable Living through the University of Tasmania, progressing her journey and developing her understanding of sustainability further.

We like to think of sustainability as a practice (like yoga or meditation) that you develop and build on, always learning and improving.

Below are some examples of what we do to incorporate sustainable practice into our business and design processes.

  • All our pieces are individually handmade with love and care, they are not mass produced. Sustainably created, recycled materials are used turning waste into functional, quality design. Each piece will be unique in its own right.

  • Water used in the pulp making process is harvested rainwater. A strainer ensures no excess mixture or unwanted particles enters the waterways. Paint and varnish used in the making are all water based, low VOC and non toxic.

  • All packaging is plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable. We use only recycled paper & natural plant-based packing peanuts to ensure your goods arrive safely. They are shipped in cardboard boxes with kraft paper tape.

  • Waste is kept to a bare minimum with everything being recycled or repurposed. We reuse boxes & packaging materials where possible. All fittings and fixtures are sourced as locally as possible to minimise our environmental footprint.