Meet the maker

Ode to Elma was established in 2015 by Melbourne based designer, Kerrie Mould. With a background in fashion and textile design as well as jewellery making, Kerrie brings a wealth of design experience to Ode to Elma. 

Focusing on utilising recycled materials in jewellery design, it was a given that sustainability was going to be central to her lighting design practice. Wanting to design quality products that are both functional and stylish, but also mindful of the environment, Ode to Elma was born.

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Kerrie has always taken inspiration from the beauty of the natural world around her and her lighting designs reflect this through experimenting with texture and form.

Every piece from the distinctive Ode to Elma range is individually handcrafted in Melbourne.


Sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. We aim to challenge people’s preconceptions of repurposing materials, by demonstrating that you can turn ordinary everyday or discarded items into beautiful, functional, quality design.

The pendant lights are made from 100% recycled office paper with fittings and fixtures sourced as locally as possible. Water used in the pulp making process is harvested rainwater. The only bonding agent used in non-toxic PVA glue and paint is low VOC.

All packaging is recyclable (cardboard box, kraft packing tape and paper packaging) or biodegradable/compostable (natural plant-based starch packing peanuts).

Waste is kept to a minimum with everything being repurposed or recycled.

Sustainability needs to be forefront of our minds in every aspect of our life and it is important that we as a business are doing everything we can to limit our environmental impact as
much as possible.